Discovering, Promoting & Deploying INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS Benefiting Nature

7th & 8th September 2021
Campus MediaSchool Marseille

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Join us at Green Solutions Days, a two-day event organised by  Green Management School
set to take place in Marseille on September 7th & 8th 2021 at the Campus MediaSchool Marseille, (Rond-Point du Prado), during the IUCN World Conservation Congress held in France, Marseille, from September 3rd to the 11th.


…AND accelerate TRansformation

The era of organisations (both private & public) integrating sustainable practices, regardless their size, is now being surpassed by a new age of organisations required to actively transform the economy to make it more sustainable. Multiple solutions and innovations are therefore emerging, yet they still need to gain more visibility among decision-makers.

solutions positives pour la Planète présentées lors de conférences
…the upcoming of  PoSiTIVE Solutions…

During this two-day event, our goal is to promote forward-thinking projects that have a positive impact on Nature throughout a set of presentations, mini-Conferences with experts, and interactive exchanges and business meetings.

…the best Innovations trough awards

Green Management School & its partners will then reward the best innovative solutions throughout the Solutions Trophy ceremony (low-carbon solutions, biodiversity preservation, low-tech projects, circular economy,…) according to a set of criteria.

Why Attend to Green Solutions Days ?

  • he IUCN World Conservation Congress is a great opportunity to promote various promising innovations for the planet and attract any interested or dedicated actors (startups, VSEs, SMEs, students, NGOs, etc.).
  • Green Solutions Days aim to bring people together and encourage exchanges and meetings between participants, experts, project leaders, investors,…
  • Green Management School’s goal is to prepare the next “Solution-oriented Generation” in taking control of their future by promoting cooperation, rigorous knowledge and collective intelligence.


Are you aiming to gain visibility ? Improve your project ? Find partners, experts, potential customers or investors?

We want to showcase public or private solution-based projects that have a positive impact on Nature. If your project meets our set of criteria, you will be able to participate and present your solution, meet prospects, investors and benefit from great Networking opportunities.

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Is your organisation aiming to initiate or accelerate its transformation ? Are you looking to invest in forward-thinking projects with great potential?

This event is a great opportunity to learn more about a wide variety of innovative solutions, either public or private, that have a positive impact on Nature, either direct or indirect.

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Project owners must present solutions that have a positive impact on Nature and that respond to at least one of the below Sustainable Development Goals or at least one of the IUCN Nature-based Solutions issues also listed below.


Any participation requires a pre-registration (free of charge) for both project owners and visitors, within the limit of available space.

The amounts indicated below are to be paid upon registration confirmation.

In some cases, free participation may be granted, upon request.

Those who can/want to give more are free to do so, within their capabilities.

Project owners

Not a member of a partner collective
20 half day
  • 30€ per day, 50€ for both days


Companies, institutions, incubators, investors
30 half day
  • 50€ per day, 80€ for both days


Pass holder
5 half day
  • Upon justification


A first review process will be conducted in order to select solutions whose global impact has thoroughly been considered.

What do we mean by “solution” and who can present one?

In the context of our event, a “solution” is a response to the many challenges we are currently facing, caused by our production and consumption models,  increasingly leading to considerable losses of biodiversity and ecosystems.

Solutions can be of any kind: low-tech, high-tech, tools, processes,…. The most important aspects are being able to justify the positive impact on Nature and provide a comprehensive reflection on the product/service’s life cycle with both economic and social consequences.

And finally, project owners can either be students, start-ups, self-employed people, companies, NGOs, public institutions, or even citizens.



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    Florent Favier

    Florent FAVIER

    Independant consultant

    Consultant in environmental transition, I am also manager of the Promo Nice of the Green Management School for which I am organizing this event.
    I appreciate this role of mediator between the carriers of solutions and those looking for them ... Join me on LinkedIn!